Q: Why LunarPoodle Veterinary Services?

A: LunarPoodle Veterinary Services is a mobile service. You can schedule a checkup at home. Let me do the traveling – not your pet!

Q: Where do you provide services?

A: I provide veterinary care in the North Seattle, South Snohomish County & East King County areas.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Initial exams in your home or office are $110; additional fees depend on the treatments needed, and I offer a multi-pet discount. Wellness and treatment care packages are available; please call for details. An estimate will be provided before treatment is undertaken.

Q: Can you provide a phone consultation?

A: While I will likely ask a few questions before my visit, I cannot diagnose or provide veterinary advice by phone.

Q: What are the dangers of feline and canine obesity? They so like their treats - aren’t prescriptions food expensive?

A: Just like in humans, obesity contributes to many other diseases. Controlling obesity is a first step in maintaining your pet’s health.

Q: Can you provide prescription diets?

A: Yes! I can provide prescription for pickup or arrange delivery to your home.